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Exercise is Medicine® on Campus


Program Goals:

  • Provide universities with an opportunity to learn what other universities are doing to promote physical activity and its health benefits on their campus.
  • Introduce EIM to universities and provide them with an opportunity to become among the first educational institutions to make a commitment supporting EIM.
  • Provide universities with an opportunity to collaborate in supporting EIM on their campuses and in their local communities.
  • Open a dialog between universities and public health officials on lifelong physical activity and EIM.


EIM On Campus is Coast-to-Coast:

Chatham University

EIM on Campus was launched at Chatham University (Pittsburgh, Penn.) on May 8, 2009. The event, hosted by Dr. Carena Winters, brought together regional and national university officials and faculty, ACSM leadership, and public health and government officials. EIM Executive Council chairman Robert Sallis, M.D., FACSM, presented the keynote address, speaking about the importance of physical activity on university and college campuses. A strategic planning session allowed attendees to discuss EIM's role on campuses, and building and sustaining physical activity for students.


Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Anne Skleder, Bob Sallis, Carena Winters

Chivone Chapman, Kayla McLaughlin, Bob Sallis, Carena Winters, Katrina Holdren, and Chrissy Fiori.



Lewis & Clark Community College

Lewis & Clark Community College (Godfrey, Ill.), works to promote physical activity on campus with a special community promotions and exercise-related degree programs. The college also offers progressive yoga, yogalates and a new weight room. Click on the video below to watch Fitness Forum, a weekly fitness show.

Mississippi State University

View the video below to learn about EIM On Campus at Mississippi State University (Starkville, Miss.).









Joliet Junior College

Joliet Junior College’s (JJC) Natural Science and Physical Education Department (NSPE) kicked-off their year-long Exercise is Medicine on Campus initiative in September 2010 with an exciting Zumba demonstration for students, faculty and staff. Those invited to participate were able to attend a 40 minute Zumba class while also being informed about the Exercise is Medicine initiative. JJC had pre-coverage announcements on their website, and day-of posters and signs followed by a follow-up article in the school newspaper. David Opon, Associate Professor, NSPE, attended at American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Summit &Exposition in Austin, TX which lead to his inspiration. “I went to one of the sessions on Exercise is Medicine and felt that this was not only a great initiative, but one that I could take back to JJC and develop,” he said. “My goal for this first year is hold a different health and wellness activity each month that are both fun and promote lifetime wellness.” In addition to Zumba, JJC has held a Butts and Guts demo as well as a Kickboxing demo. “The possibilities are endless,” Opon concluded.




Would you like to see your university or college featured here? Send us an e-mail at eim@acsm.org to share how your campus is involved in EIM On Campus.

Click Here to Sign Up for Exercise is Medicine on Campus

By signing up for Exercise is Medicine on Campus, you are agreeing to:

1. Support EIM on Campus’s three guiding principles: 

  • Exercise and physical activity are important to health and the prevention and treatment of many chronic diseases. 
  • More should be done in university and college settings to encourage students to establish lifelong exercise and physical activity habits that have the power to significantly improve the quality of students' lives. 
  • Support for ACSM’s efforts to bring a greater focus on exercise and physical activity in university and college settings.

2. Designate one person on your campus as an official liaison between your university/college and the EIM on Campus staff at the American College of Sports Medicine. 

3. Commit to as many as possible of the following actions, as appropriate for your department and campus:

  • Provide a link to the EIM Web site (www.exerciseismedicine.org) on appropriate college Web sites.
  • Work with your college's administration, faculty and communication department to distribute information about EIM to your student population.
  • Discuss making the health benefits of physical activity a formal part of your college’s curriculum with your faculty and administration. For example, you might consider offering a required or elective college course that offers both theoretical and practical components on physical activity and other healthy lifestyle behaviors as preventive medicine.


Exercise is Medicine on Campus Brochure

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