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  • As a fitness professional, you are well aware of many of the benefits of exercise in preventing chronic disease. But physical activity offers much more than prevention alone.
  • Exercise can also be a powerful complement to traditional medical intervention and, in many instances, may allow a physician to significantly reduce a patient's drug dosage or eliminate the need for medicine altogether.
  • You can play an integral role in educating your clients about the medicinal benefits of exercise and how they can speak with their primary care physicians about physical activity.



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Due to potential variations in the law from one state to another, the documents provided in this guide should be reviewed and approved by legal counsel before they are used by you or your organization. ACSM makes no warranties or representations regarding the documents provided in this guide, and you or your organization assume all risk associated with any use of these documents.


Meet Your New Business Partner:

The Exercise is Medicine Credential for Health & Fitness Professionals

The EIM Credential shows health care providers that a fitness professional is qualified to help their patients—from the healthy to those with chronic disease—get the exercise they’ve prescribed. For fitness professionals, it’s a new way to build your client base and get more referrals.

Any NCCA certified professional is eligible for one of three levels of the credential based on your certification, education, and experience.

The system developed by the American College of Sports Medicine to credential exercise professionals for EIM designation considered three components:
• Professional preparation necessary to safely and effectively prescribe exercise to a patient population
• Development of the skills needed to work within the health care system
• Development of the skills needed to support sustained behavior change

EIM Credential Highlights:
• A respected credential to work with individuals who are healthy, individuals with health-related conditions who have been cleared by their physicians for exercise (Level 1 or 2), and for patients who require clinical support and monitoring (Level 3)
• Provides health care providers with a system to validate the qualifications of exercise professionals who are eligible to work with their patients
• An opportunity for fitness professionals to market to health care providers and to cultivate patient referrals

Click here for more information about the EIM Credential, course, exam and more.
Questions? E-mail eim@acsm.org


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