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Exercise is Medicine® Month was launched in 2008 to celebrate May as the special recognition month for Exercise is Medicine and as a time for health care providers, fitness professionals, the public, and supporting organizations and constituents to recognize, emphasize and celebrate the valuable health benefits of exercise on a national scale.

Over the past few years, almost all 50 states, many cities, organizations and a few military bases have celebrated Exercise is Medicine Month by hosting a variety of organized events requiring physical activity to get people moving.This year we hope to reach every state!  

With your help, we can spread the message about the incredible benefits of physical activity, across the United States and across the globe!

Download the 2013 Exercise is Medicine Month Toolkit!

2013 Exercise is Medicine Month Toolkit (PDF)

2013 Exercise is Medicine Month Toolkit (Word)


Help us out by requesting an Exercise is Medicine Month proclamation from your governor, mayor or organization president! Just download the proclamations, personalize the sample request letter and contact your local mayor, state governor, or organization president. Questions? Need help locating contact information? E-mail us at eim@acsm.org or call 317-637-9200 ext. 163 for help.



These cities, states and organizations are celebrating May as Exercise is Medicine Month in 2013!


Denver, Colorado
Glendale Community College

Jacksonville, Florida

Downers Grove, Illinois
Indianapolis, Indiana
North Dakota
Minot, North Dakota


These cities, states and organizations celebrated May as Exercise is Medicine Month in 2012!


Charlotte County, Florida

Denver, CO

Punta Gorda, Florida



These cities, states and organizations celebrated May as Exercise is Medicine Month in 2011!



Tell us Your Story

How are you celebrating Exercise is Medicine Month? Let us know how you are planning to recognize the health benefits of exercise in May. Just click on the graphic below!


  • For information on Exercise is Medicine Month 2008, 2009, and 2010, click here.





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