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  • Research proves that exercise has a role in the treatment and prevention of more than 40 chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, obesity and hypertension.

  • The plan below provides you with a simple, fast and effective tool for using exercise as a ‘medicine’ to help prevent or manage many of the most common chronic health conditions. It will also help you approach your health care provider to discuss physical activity as a part of a disease prevention and management strategy.


Exercise is Medicine®

Public Action Guide

Action Guide Supplemental Materials

  • Your Prescription for Health flier series
    (Information and recommendations for exercising safely with a variety of health conditions)
  • Note to Health Care Providers
    (Share this resource with your health care provider during your next annual checkup or scheduled visit. Bring any questions about physical activity, your abilities and limitations, and what exercises are best for your goals. Encourage your health care provider to check out the Exercise is Medicine action guide here.)
  • My Exercise Plan
    (Assessment tools and tips for creating an effective exercise plan)


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These resources are not a substitute for professional medical advice.

Please consult your physician before starting a physical activity program.


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Ever wonder who is using Exercise is Medicine? Check out these videos to see how Exercise is Medicine has changed the lives of Betty Lou Sweeney and Chad Johnson, and how FirstHealth of the Carolinas uses Exercise is Medicine for all patients.


Exercise is Medicine® Resources for the Public


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