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Exercise is Medicine®: A Global Health Initiative

The vision of Exercise is Medicine® (EIM), a global health initiative managed by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), is to make physical activity assessment and promotion a standard in clinical care, connecting health care with evidence-based physical activity resources for people everywhere and of all abilities.

EIM encourages physicians and other health care providers to include physical activity when designing treatment plans and to refer patients to evidence-based exercise programs and qualified exercise professionals. EIM is committed to the belief that physical activity promotes optimal health and is integral in the prevention and treatment of many medical conditions.

Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:


EIM in Chile

Clínica MEDS, established in 1992, is the leading sports medicine center in Chile with nine clinics across the country. Their commitment to promote physical activity as an integral part of an individual’s health and well-being is demonstrated through their decision to host the EIM Chile National Center. This past year, seven Clínica MEDS sites took efforts a step further and displayed messaging promoting exercise as a medicine throughout their more »

EIM On Campus Profile: Baldwin Wallace University

The EIM-OC leadership team at Baldwin Wallace University hosted a campus-wide event throughout the month of October. The 30-Day Walking Challenge encouraged participants to walk at least one mile per day, summing up to more than a marathon over the course of the month. Collectively, the participants tracked 3760.29 miles, which is an average of 2.2 miles per person per day! The Provost of BW also declared October as Exercise is Medicine On Campus more »

Community Care Clinic of Rowan County

The Community Care Clinic of Rowan provides medical services at no cost to low income, uninsured adult residents in Rowan County, North Carolina. In an effort to better serve their patients, the Community Care Clinic of Rowan partnered with the Healthy Rowan Coalition in the spring of 2018. Through this partnership, Healthy Rowan worked with Community Care Clinic of Rowan to adopt parts of the EIM Solution. Clinic leadership and medical staff received training on assessing patient physical activity levels, providing physical activity counselling and connecting patients to free and/or low-cost physical activity resources such as parks and school tracks that Healthy Rowan had identified throughout the county. more »

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