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"EIMC has inspired me to make knowledge translation part of my career."  - EIMC @ uGuelph, student leader, Alison Ludzki

Click here for lists of On-Campus Schools: https://exerciseismedicine.org/canada/eimc-in-action/eimc-on-campus/current-schools/

Exercise is Medicine Canada on Campus is an initiative aimed at fostering early collaborative inter-professional relationships between exercise and health care professionals that support the Exercise is Medicine philosophy.  If you are an exercise science, health studies or administration, or health care professional student or faculty member with an interest in starting an Exercise is Medicine Canad club at your university, please contact Taniya Nagpal, Exercise is Medicine Canada On Campus liason at info@exerciseismedicine.ca.  A first step is to determine what administrative steps are required at your school.

EIMC on Campus student and faculty leaders and volunteers serve as ambassadors for the national EIMC program. They create local EIMC hubs of expertise.

EIMC on Campus club activities fall into 4 main categories:

  1. Creating physical activity opportunities – fun, social, active events that raise awareness of the importance of exercise to health, e.g., Fun Run, Scavenger Hunt race;
  2. Organizing educational events – e.g., speaker panels targeted at campus and/or local community members; may be targeted to public or health professional audiences;
  3. Serving as consultants to health professionals within Student Health Services or local family medicine teams – educate on use of the Exercise Vital Sign (EVS), basic exercise counseling, prescription and referral to campus and/or community physical activity resources; and
  4. Serving as consultants to medical and other health professional educators regarding curriculum redesign to promote the integration of exercise and physical activity for chronic disease prevention, treatment, and management.

NEW! Congratulations to authors Brittany McEachern, Jennifer Tomasone and Susan Yungblut for publishing the first EIMC on Campus Knowledge Translation Casebook. (Note: copyright text below)

  • The Casebook includes detailed information about the structure, initiatives, barriers, facilitators, and lessons learned of 12 EIMC on Campus groups from 6 different provinces. The casebook was designed to facilitate the sharing of ideas and best practices between the EIMC on Campus groups and to increase awareness of the goals and initiatives of the groups. We hope the casebook will inspire students across Canada to get involved with or to implement an EIMC on Campus group on their university or college campus. We also hope the casebook will encourage health care professionals, organizations, funding agencies, and community members to support the initiatives of the EIMC on Campus groups. The casebook will be updated annually so it can continue to be relied upon for accurate information about the EIMC on Campus groups.

NEW! Proceedings from the EIM Ontario Student Research Conference, June 23-24, 2016, Western University. (See Resources to download)

Student champions from universities and colleges across Canada are making a difference on their campuses and in their communities.  Use the following resources to educate and recruit fellow students:

  • Template Mission, Vision and Goal Statements here!
  • Introductory slide deck here!

EIMC on Campus is part of an international initiative started by our American colleagues.

Students at Slippery Rock University, Pennsylvania, created a video of their EIM on Campus program involving Student Health Services referal to EIM on Campus exercise professional students. View here.



Starting a Club


Canadian schools MUST register with EIM Global by completing the online Leadership Form.

Register your On Campus club here, or for existing clubs annual renewal can be completed HERE

EIMC on Campus Knowledge Translation Casebook copyright -
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Exercise is Medicine® Canada on Campus: A Knowledge Translation Casebook by McEachern BM, Tomasone JR, & Yungblut S is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Exercise is Medicine® Canada on Campus: A Knowledge Translation Casebook by McEachern BM, Tomasone JR, & Yungblut S
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Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

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