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This year marks the beginnning of the Exercise is Medicine at Acadia University club. Despite our recent inception we have already grown to over 60 members; making us one of the largest clubs on campus!

To kick-off our club's launch and in celebration of Exercise is Medicine Canada month, we hosted a "Walk With The Docs" in which members of the community got to walk around the football field with local healthcare professionals - initiating conversations regarding physical activity in primary care settings. There were also a variety of fitness appraisals and information regarding proper diet and physical activity available.

Our goal is to continue promoting physical activity as a means of both preventing and managing chronic disease through a semesterly event involving healthcare professionals interacting with members of Wolfville community and surrounding areas.

Check out EIMC @ Acadia University on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1664274647141886/

Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:
Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

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