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Dalhousie University

Exercise is Medicine @ Dalhousie University

Contact us at exerciseismedicine.dal@gmail.com.

EIMC @ Dalhousie University initiative started in 2014. Still in our early stages, we have started working on several initiatives.

Our club promotes exercise as a method of disease prevention and treatment. Our main goals are to:

1) Incorporate exercise prescription and its benefits into the medical school course curriculum at Dalhousie.

2) Increase the number of health care professionals assessing, prescribing, and counselling patients in physical activity, including referring to qualified exercise professionals as appropriate.

3) Promote exercise, and provide information and resources that advocate the health benefits of exercise, both online and through planned events.

In our first year we focused on identifying gaps in our medical school curriculum where we felt we could add education on prescribing exercise. We have started by making modifications to our cases in our Case Based Learning (CBL) curriculum, by hosting an EIM skills night, and by adding an emphasis on exercise in our clinical skills program.  We want exercise to be one of the main questions asked on a patient history during our clinical skills sessions. We are also trying to facilitate research projects on the benefits of exercise through our “Research in Medicine” program at Dalhousie. We have been working very closely with Physiotherapy students in our work.

Our new Facebook group is called Exercise is Medicine Dalhousie. With a goal to spread the word about EIM, we plan on posting evidence-based articles on exercise, and also hope this will be a popular forum for students throughout Dalhousie to post about exercise-related events in the community.

Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:
Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

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