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Jointly founded in early 2014 by McGill Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Kinesiology students, EIMC @ McGill is still young. Despite that, we have already made great strides on campus, rallying a dedicated student base. Throughout the previous academic year, we sought to increase our visibility on campus and focused on student activity and wellness. We held numerous events including a pick-up intramural soccer game, spinning at one of Montreal’s foremost spinning gyms, guided hot yoga, and intense circuit training, all of which incorporated elements of education and learning tailored to future healthcare professionals. Additionally, we collaborated with the McGill Medical Student Wellness group to hold events on multiple occasions, reaching out to make student wellness and activity a key part of the McGill education and experience.

This fall 2014, we expanded our student leadership to include diverse representatives from the faculty of medicine, and the schools of Kinesiology, Nursing, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy. We are excited to work together and to facilitate dynamic opportunities for building and fostering relationships between the disciplines.

Plans for the upcoming year include continuing to ride the wave of excitement that surrounds the workout options we have offered (spinning, circuit training, etc.), hopefully repeating some of these events as well as offering new activities such as rock climbing and barre classes. Moreover, we are gaining traction among the medical school faculty and have been offered a small amount of space within the curriculum. With this time, we plan to collaborate with the Medical Student Wellness committee to create an informative and hands-on session to assist in bringing the goals of EIMC to the first-year medical students.   

Significant goals this year include building alliances with other student groups on campus, as well as organizing an interdisciplinary conference discussing exercise prescription and encouraging positive behavior change. We are also excited to break down barriers and stigma regarding exercise (e.g. holding a ‘Women in the Weight Room’ session) while simultaneously learning about other successful EIMC programs and activities across Canada.

Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:
Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

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