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Fall 2014 Update

EIMC @ Queen's has had an exciting and productive year as well as a variety of projects lined up for the future that we are very enthusiastic about.

Last year, we initiated and implemented the Exercise Prescription and Referral Form, along with a Physician Handbook at the Loyalist Family Health Team. We created an electronic version in their existing electronic records system to make it easy for doctors to prescribe exercise to patients.

We are in the process of implementing a similar program at Queen’s Student Health Services using a prescription form tailored to students. We recently hosted a successful educational session at Queen’s Health Services led by Dr. Renata Frankovich wherein attendees were provided with a Continuing Medical Education credit to learn how to use the form. The physicians and nurses that attended were enthusiastic about beginning to prescribe exercise to Queen’s students.

This November (2014), we are very excited to organize and present the first Exercise Expo to second year Queen’s medical students as a mandatory part of their curriculum in partnership with Dr. Robyn Houlden, a faculty member at Queen’s School of medicine. The Expo will include a variety of stations focusing on practical aspects of prescribing and talking about physical activity; the material will be testable which we hope will entice medical students to engage in this exercise education.

EIMC at Queen’s will also be attending a local educational program regarding clinical care in Diabetes in which we will be advising health care professionals (GPs, nurse practitioners, dieticians, and more) on how exercise can improve the health status and quality of life of individuals with diabetes.

Other projects we are included in is the Canadian Sport for Life Kingston Summit, which will be a great opportunity to interact and connect with public health professionals, as well as incorporating students outside of the kinesiology program (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, medicine, etc.).

Any questions/comments can be directed to [email protected].

Original Launch Announcement

Exercise is Medicine Canada @ Queen’s, a student initiative of the interdisciplinary Kinesiology and Health Studies department, was officially ratified as a School of Graduate and Professional Studies club in February 2013.  This official status allows us to apply for funding and bursaries.  Along with faculty adviser Dr. Robert Ross, we met with Queen’s University’s Head of Medicine, Dr. Stephen Archer to discuss the School of Medicine’s potential involvement. We were extremely encouraged and excited by his positive feedback to our group and we have made future plans for collaboration, including a Fall semester Exercise is Medicine Grand Rounds presentation at Kingston General Hospital. In addition, Dr. Archer invited us to write a guest blog post for his personal blog, which was published in March: http://deptmed.queensu.ca/blog/?p=276.

In April, we held our successful launch event-Exercise is Medicine @ Queen’s Spin-a-thon in the Athletics and Recreation Centre. Our goal was to raise awareness for our initiative, increase subscribers to our Facebook page, and encourage increased physical activity on campus. Our Facebook page is in its beginning stages; we hope to continually provide resources and information for students and staff regarding physical activity options on campus and in the community. We are also developing the EIMC @ Queen’s website, which will include our group’s information and resources.

Members of our group have also met with health professionals from campus Student Health Services to explore ways in which the Exercise is Medicine @ Queen’s initiative can fit into the current system. Beginning in the fall, we plan to pilot our Exercise is Medicine Canada @ Queen’s program in the clinic. We have developed a resource booklet and adapted an Exercise Prescription and Referral Form for physicians to use in clinic. We hope to gain valuable physician insight from the pilot project, and to fully implement the program in the spring.

Future directions include expanding our membership to other academic disciplines at Queen’s and encouraging their involvement. Such departments include nursing, medicine, and rehabilitation sciences. We hope to establish further connections with physical activity resources on campus, as well as have campus health professionals assessing and prescribing exercise on a regular basis.

Though still in its formative stages, we as a group believe we have had a lot of success given the short time frame we have existed, and we are excited to work with the EIMC National Task Force to help fulfill the objectives of EIM at Queen’s University. We also hope other universities will use our example to start initiatives for their own campus communities!

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Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

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