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University of British Columbia

Exercise is Medicine on Campus @ UBC has begun to gain traction as of September 2016!

We are a student-run group with an interdisciplinary advisory board of health care professionals providing us with guidance and support.  Contact us: Facebook or  eimc.ubc@gmail.com

We aim to empower students, health care professionals, and the population as a whole to overcome barriers and integrate physical activity into their lifestyles or health care practices.

To achieve this vision, we have created the following sub-committees:

1.  Professional Development Sub-committee:

-       Events hosted:

o   Integrating Exercise Promotion into your Career – a rapid-fire speaker series designed to inspire individuals (students, healthcare professionals) and equip them with practical skills to prescribe exercise and help patients overcome barriers to sitting less and moving more.

-       Events in planning:

o   Motivational interviewing Workshop

o   MSK Assessment and Exercise Prescription Workshop

2.   Community and Campus Promotion Sub-committee

We plan to have a presence at the following events in the form of: Exercise is Medicine information booth, student representatives, educational handouts, social media campaigns

o   The RunVan Fall Classic

o   Walk with your Doc- Doctors of BC Initiative

o   Run for Rural Medicine

3.    Curriculum Integration Sub-committee

We aim to collaborate with EIMC UVic to further integrate exercise into the UBC MD undergraduate curriculum. Specifically, EIMC UVic has integrated exercise into CBL (Case-Based Learning) cases, and has introduced exercise as a vital sign in the Vital Signs Clinical Skills workshop. We aim to build on their accomplishments by reducing sitting time among students in learning environments, and raising awareness regarding exercise as a tool to prevent and manage chronic disease.

Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:
Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

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