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UOIT/Durham College

Exercise is Medicine @ UOIT & Durham College
Exercise is Medicine Canada (EIMC) at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Durham College was ratified with the Student Association Club Status in 2014. EIMC –UOIT/DC was launched by graduate students in the Faculty of Health Sciences with a keen interest in promoting exercise on campus. Our mission is to foster early collaborative inter-professional relationships between exercise and health care professionals.
This inaugural year will be filled with exciting new initiatives around campus that will focus on health promotion and disease prevention through exercise. EIMC - UOIT/DC will focus on raising awareness about our mission through the use of exercise-based events and through providing resources to further the understanding of the benefits of exercise. We will be working closely with the Campus Health Centre’s clinicians to encourage individual prescriptions of exercise to our student population.
EIMC at UOIT/DC plans to host a variety of fun-filled events on campus including a 5km Resolution Run, Speaker Series, as well as a Cycle-a-Thon to raise awareness about our club’s initiatives and to draw attention to our social media sites.
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Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:
Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

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