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As Exercise is Medicine @ York (EIMC @ York) is still warming up, we are excited to get moving with our plans for this academic year. We are looking forward to launching a number of events on campus including a much-anticipated EIMC at York speaker series.

We plan to host a number of talks throughout the year led by a variety of exercise professionals. The list includes an exercise physiologist, current/former York Lions athletes, and a surprise celebrity guest. They will cover topics such as getting started, staying motivated, and inspiring others in the community to be active. 

We are also excited to kickoff our volunteer program. The program is designed for Kinesiology students to become leaders in physical activity advocacy on campus as well as in their own communities. In return, the leaders will receive a Letter of Acknowledgement on behalf of EIMC at York. 

EIMC at York is also thrilled to announce they will be running side-by-side with a number of established organizations on campus. These partnerships will allow for associations at York University to make a stride in the same direction to improve the health of the student body. Together with EIMC at York, we will be part of the greater effort to spread awareness of exercise as a preventative measure and treatment for chronic disease.

To follow EIMC @ York’s activity throughout the year, check us out at: https://www.facebook.com/exerciseismedicineatyork.

For any information on the volunteer program or any other inquiries contact us at: eimcatyork@gmail.com.

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Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

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