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Doctors Starting to Give Social Prescriptions

“About a decade ago, a colleague told me about a cool new initiative, something called “Exercise Is Medicine.” The idea made total sense to me: Rather than just tell my patients about exercising, I would hand them an actual prescription for exercise…”


Exercise Prescriptions Could Change NHS

“We know exercise is good for us, yet human beings may now be on the verge of dangerous levels of inactivity. Historically we’ve always been active…”


Exercise in pregnancy

“After a woman gives birth in Canada, she’s usually provided with plenty of advice and guidance from her doctor, nurse or even midwife about things like infant care, breastfeeding and crib safety.

But one thing new moms aren’t always told about is the critical importance of keeping physically active…”


EIM UBC – The 5th Vital Sign Podcast

“Welcome to The 5th Sign, a podcast where we discuss exercise as a vital sign of health! We are extremely excited to launch this new series!”


Canadian Family Physician Publication- December 2014

Click the image above to view the CFP article about the EIMC Exercise prescription and referral tool!

Dr. Jonathon Fowles talks to CBC Radio about Exercise is Medicine Canada

Jonathon Fowles CBC Interview

Fit Premier Kathleen Wynne wants to get Ontarians moving

"These days exercise is increasingly seen as one of the best medicines when it comes to preventing and treating chronic disease and promoting mental health. The premier says she supports the principle of physicians prescribing a brisk walk or exercise plan rather than only relying on pills. And she’s open to working with the medical profession to put incentives in place that would encourage them to focus on changing patients’ activity levels."

Medical students spearheading change

"Kinesiology grad students (left to right) Andrea Brennan, Jasmin Ma and Sara Giovannetti co-founded Exercise is Medicine at Queen's. The group wants to see doctors prescribing exercise the same way they hand out pills."

Exercise is the best medicine and kinesiologists play key role in dispensing it

“Exercise is medicine and physicians need to prescribe it!”

Dr. Paul Oh Interview: Prescribing Exercise

Dr. Paul Oh, one of our speakers at the Exercise is Medicine Canada Symposium at Vascular 2013, being interviewed about prescribing exercise.

The Running Room has included an article about Exercise is Medicine® Canada in its March/April 2013 magazine! The article includes a description and background of EIMC, as well as the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines.

Click the image below to view the article in the Running Room magazine. Also look for it in stores!

EIMC in The StarPheonix

Exercise is Medicine Canada was featured in a published article in Saskatoon's The StarPhoenix on January 28th!

"There's a movement afoot that is brilliant in its simplicity. It identifies the health benefits of exercise for disease prevention and makes exercise an intentional treatment modality for a wide range of conditions. The Exercise is Medicine (EIM) program brings greater holism into health care. Exercise prescriptions could soon become as commonplace as drug prescriptions," details author Hilary Klassen. 

Click HERE to read more on the innovation behind EIMC and its impacts on defining the relationship between prescriptions, health, and physical activity as medicine. 

Exercise Prescriptions as discussed by CBC 

The use of exercise prescriptions by Dr. Chris MacNearney, a P.E.I doctor, and the health benefits of exercise

"“Exercise is actually medicine. It treats almost every chronic medical condition,” explains MacNearney in the article.
To read more, click HERE to see full article and watch video. 
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Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

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