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Healthcare Professionals

Resources for healthcare professionals

These resources may be particularly useful for practicing healthcare professionals, though they may be of interest for others. Click on the links below to learn more about our resources.

Health Care Provider Action Guide: What is it?

EIMC Professional Resource Package: Learn more here!

EIMC Exercise Prescription and Referral Tool (PDF)

EIMC Guide to Prescribing Exercise.

  • Order EIMC prescription pads here.

EIMC Posters

  • Visit our poster page to learn how to purchase or digitally display our posters here.


Canadian Pediatric Society - Tools for your practice.

HealtheSteps Evidence-Based Lifestyle Prescription Program

  • The HealtheSteps™ Program improves the health of Canadians and reduces their risk for chronic disease by tackling three major risk factors that are shared across a number of chronic diseases: physical inactivity, sedentary behaviour, and poor diet.
  • Learn more about our evidence-based program here.

The Candian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

  • CIHR is comprised of 13 institutes collaborating to support innovative and relevant research to strengthen the modern healthcare world.
Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:
Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

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