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Healthcare Provider Action Guide

Making a Difference in Your Healthcare Setting

One of the most important decisions your patients will make regarding their overall health is to incorporate regular physical activity (PA) into their lifestyles.  Your encouragement may be the greatest influence on this decision.  To help guide you in this process, EIM has developed the Healthcare Providers Action Guide -  a simple, fast and effective tool for helping you prescribe PA in the right “dosage.”

The Action Guide will provide you with specific guidance in working with all of your patients, regardless of their level of readiness to make change in their lives.  We know that your time is limited and that every minute counts.  This Action Guide will empower you to maximize your time with your patients by helping you:

  1. Assess the current PA levels of your patients.
  2. Develop and use exercise prescriptions based on the health status and current activity level of your patients; and
  3. Refer your patient to a certified exercise professional.

Key tools provided to you in the Healthcare Providers Action Guide include:

  • Simple tips for starting the conversation about PA with your patients
  • Safety screening tools and instructions
  • Physical Activity Vital Sign (PAVS) questionnaire
  • EIM Physical Activity Prescription Pad and referral tools to help get your patients to qualified exercise professionals
  • Guidance on developing a network of qualified and trusted exercise professionals

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Take the EIM Pledge

As a healthcare provider, you have the ability to impact your patients in becoming more physically active and combat the development of chronic disease and disability.  The EIM Pledge is designed to empower and assist YOU in taking specific action steps in helping your patients to more toward a healthier lifestyle.

*This program is reserved for licensed healthcare providers/practitioners.

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Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

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