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Evidence-Based Lifestyle Prescription Program

An evidence-based lifestyle prescriptions (Rx) program, supported by coaching and innovative health technologies

The HealtheSteps™ Program improves the health of Canadians and reduces their risk for chronic disease by tackling three major risk factors that are shared across a number of chronic diseases: physical inactivity, sedentary behaviour, and poor diet.

Each HealtheSteps™ participant receives an individualized healthy living Rx for exercise, physical activity (step counts) and healthy eating, supported by coaching and technology tools to help track and promote long-term health behaviour change.

Who are HealtheStepsTM Coaches?

  • In the past, HealtheStepsTM coaches have included physicians, dietitians, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, and office employees. Any health professional interested in improving the health around them can easily integrate the program into their current practice.
  • Each HealtheStepsTM coach is certified after undergoing a comprehensive and rigorous training program that can be found on our website. We have created a vibrant online community of practice that includes a biweekly blog, a weekly podcast with interviews from experts in healthy living, forums for coaches to interact in, and monthly webinars with the central research team.

What are our other technology tools?

  • HealtheStepsTM app for iOS or Android: An innovative smartphone app we have developed in concert with the in-person program. Users can take the STEP TestTM, measure their heart rate, track their exercise time and step count, and can also link the app to the eaTracker app developed by the Dietitians of Canada to track their eating behaviours. Users choose one of six fun and personable virtual coaches to help them keep motivated!
  • www.heathesteps.ca: Our website not only includes the training program for HealtheStepsTM coaches, but also a biweekly blog that includes tips on how to move more, sit less, and eat healthier.

Interested in becoming a HealtheStepsTM coach? Click here.

Still curious? Watch our introductory video !

Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:
Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

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