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EIMC Exercise Professional Recognition Program

Registering for Recognition as an EIMC Level 1 or 2 professional, and as a member of the EIMC Professional Network, is an important career step.

EIMC promotes our Recognized Professionals to healthcare professionals as critical allies helping patients reach their physical activity goals for the prevention and management of chronic disease.

EIMC provides national leadership promoting physical activity as a chronic disease prevention and management strategy to improve the health of Canadians.  Through its credible, extensive and growing network of national, provincial and regional health care professional organizations, including family and sports medicine physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors and dietitians, EIMC will communicate the expertise of EIMC Recognized exercise professionals to health care professionals across Canada.

EIMC educational programming promotes the EIMC Recognition Program levels to help health care professionals identify exercise professionals with knowledge, skills and competencies to build motivation and effect behavioural change, with healthy inactive patients as well as work competently with patients at risk of, or with established chronic disease who are medically cleared for independent or supervised exercise prescription.

Our passionate multidisciplinary expert team is developing educational workshops, exercise prescription and referral and other decision-making tools that support health care professionals to assess, advise, prescribe and refer their patients to community or clinically based physical activity and exercise resources that support their health goals.

How do I enroll in the EIMC Professional Network?

All current and new EIMC members need to register here.

Registered Kinesiologists in Ontario can join the EIMC Professional Network as 'Providers' alongside other regulated health professionals.

  • Kinesiologists registered with the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario (CKO) are welcome to promote their EIMC membership through use of the EIMC Professional Network logo on their professional materials, and to use phrases such as “EIMC Professional Network Member” or “Proud supporter of the EIMC initiative” on business cards, brochures, etc.  The CKO however does not permit R.Kins in Ontario to use the 'EIMC Level 1 or 2' Recognition as a credential or designation after their name.  For further information, Registered Kinesiologists can contact EIMC or the College regarding their participation in the program.

Who is Eligible to Enroll with the EIMC Exercise Professional Recognition Program?

EIMC Recognition is only available to exercise professionals with a minimum 2-year university or college diploma level exercise science background.  Exercise professionals may register for EIMC recognition at Level 1 or 2 based on their qualifications to work with patients at different risk levels (See chart below).

EIMC Recognized exercise professionals work within their current scope of practice.

EIMC Exercise Professional Recognition Program Levels:





ACSM CPT + EIM Level 1*


ACSM EP + EIM Level 1



CKA - AKin

*Applicant must provide evidence of a 2-year college-level or university-level exercise science background, confirmation of above certification and evidence of personal liability insurance.

How do I promote my EIMC Recognition?

  • Add your EIMC Recognition level to your professional credentials; e.g., Jane Doe, CSEP-CEP, EIMC Level 2.
  • Add your EIMC Recognition level to your CSEP on-line member directory profile and other professional profiles e.g., LinkedIn.
  • Add the EIMC Professional Network logo to your professional communications materials.
  • Frame and display your EIMC certificate.

What other benefits will the EIMC Recognition Program bring?

  • The quarterly EIMC Professional Network updates of new research and EIMC events!
  • Reduced fees for EIMC workshops and continuing education opportunities
  • Access to advanced training modules on exercise in chronic disease: modules available in diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, behavior change, and more
  • Unique access to the EIMC Professional Network logo for your professional communications materials
  • Access to EIMC resources and tools, such as prescription pads, posters, exercise fact sheets, and more
  • Identify yourself as an EIMC Professional Network member on your professional profiles, i.e., LinkedIn, website, etc.
  • Uniquely for EIMC Recognized exercise professionals, promote your EIMC Level 1 or 2 with your CSEP or ACSM certification

All EIMC Recognized Exercise Professionals are automatically enrolled in the new EIMC Professional Network.  As the second phase of this program,  EIMC will build an on-line Professional Network database of exercise and regulated health professionals who provide physical activity and exercise interventions with patients.  This database will be an important networking and referral source for all health care providers.

What is the fee to join the EIMC Professional Network?

Joining the EIMC Professional Network is free. Click the link below:

EIMC Professional Network Membership

Join EIMC and help us attain our vision that “Physical activity is an integral part of prevention and treatment of chronic disease in the Canadian health care system."

Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:
Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

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