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The Thriver Manual 

A comprehensive 90+ page wellness guide for cancer patients and professionals. Created by experts in medicine, exercise oncology, kinesiology, nutrition and behaviour change.

Cancer & Exercise Training - Now 40% off Until May 1, 2021

Thrive Health’s mission is to empower cancer survivors to live well following a cancer diagnosis. To achieve this, Thrive Health provides evidence-based exercise, nutrition, health behavior change, and general wellness resources to patients and by providing training services to health and fitness professional who work directly with cancer survivors.

We know COVID-19 has posed a number of challenges for both health and fitness professionals, and we want to support all of you by providing the right tools to help your patients and clients #thrive after a cancer diagnosis.

The complete Cancer & Exercise Training includes:

  • Evidence-based online modules that you can complete at your own pace
  • A comprehensive cancer and exercise manual
  • Real-world case studies so that you can apply your newly learned knowledge into practical terms
  • Training on behaviour change strategies to help make movement stick

Everything that’s normally part of the $379 training is only $227.40 for a limited time. To get trained today, visit www.thrivehealthservices.com and use code THRIVE40 at checkout.

Cancer Care Nova Scotia

Cancer Care Ontario

TrueNTH Lifestyle Management for Prostate Cancer

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