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Mental Health

Resources for mental health

Below is a list of resources relating to mental health and wellness. This list is by no means exhaustive; there are many other resources that may be available to you regionally, or virtually.

  • General resources for mental health have been developed by the Canadian Mental Health Association. Resources available include general facts about mental illness, a mental health meter to understand mental health influencers, a work-life balance quiz to reflect on possible stressors, and much more.
  • The Government of Canada has a list of various mental health and wellness services and information.
  • The Mental Health Commission of Canada has extensive toolkits and webinars for a variety of mental health and wellness topics.
  • Mental Health Canada is a directory of mental health professionals across Canada and a resource for a variety of mental diseases and disorders. They can help to connect individuals with counsellors, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, psychologists, and psychotherapists.
  • Fountain of Health is a not-for-profit organization targetted at individuals looking to improve general wellbeing. They have numerous resources including an online app for personalized email check-ins with those who sign up.
  • Thefriendshipbench.org provides a list of provincial resources for suicide prevention and tips for dealing with stress.
  • Vancouver Psych safety Consulting Incorporated has developed an antidepressant skills workbook.
  • Anxiety Canada has a variety of expert tools and resources for defining, understanding, and managing anxiety. They also have developed an app for mobile devices.
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