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Resistance Training Instructional Videos and Brochures

Resistance training can be simple and has many health benefits!

The CSEP Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines tell us that, to achieve health benefits, adults age 18-64 years and 65 years and older, should accumulate at least 150 minutes of moderate- to- vigorous intensity aerobic physical activity per week, in bouts of 10 minutes or more.  Importantly, it is also beneficial to add muscle and bone strengthening activities using major muscle groups, at least 2 days per week.  Finally, more physical activity provides greater benefits.

Resistance training has many important health and quality of life benefits:

  • Bone strength and reduced fracture risk;
  • Improves blood glucose control for diabetics;
  • Develop and maintain a healthy weight;
  • Increase muscle strength and energy levels;
  • Improves function and ability to perform activities of daily living; and
  • Serves as an important addition to an aerobic exercise or walking routine to work the muscles of upper body.

Resistance training can be easy to do!

  • Simple equipment such as resistance bands can be brought to any room in the house and even traveling;
  • Effective exercises for those with mobility challenges that limit other exercise options;
  • Great indoor exercise option for cold or slippery winter days.

A few tips to get started:

  • A short warm up can include a walk around the block, even around the house and some gentle stretches;
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes;
  • Adjust the intensity of your exercise by altering the length of the band; to make your exercise harder simply shorten the band.
  • People with diabetes should test blood glucose levels before and after exercise and keep some sugar nearby.
  • Have fun!

Watch these simple instructional videos developed by Dr. Jonathon Fowles, Faculty and Chair, EIMC-CSEP Liason Committee in partnership with the Canadian Diabetes Association.

EIMC is grateful to Remington Medical for supplying resistance bands to our EIMC Exercise Prescription in Primary Care workshops.

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