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What is the EIM Solution?

Linking Clinical to Community

The EIM Solution involves integrating physical activity into healthcare and connecting patients with evidence-based community resources. The EIM Solution is achieved through a partnership between healthcare leaders and community stakeholders building a “bridge of trust” for the coordinated care of the at-risk population groups with the ultimate goal of implementing interventions that will slow down, stop, and ultimately reverse the progression of chronic diseases

The adoption of Population Health Management strategies by healthcare stakeholders has created a significant opportunity for physical activity to be established as a standard in healthcare. The consolidation of health systems is accelerating the adoption of Population Health Management strategies, such as the EIM Solution, to improve the coordination of population healthcare strategies for the benefits of their patients, employees, and as part of community outreach initiatives.


The application of the EIM Solution is achieved by:

  • Assessing physical activity levels of each patient at every clinic visit. The most effective way to accomplish this is to embed a “Physical Activity Vital Sign (PAVS)” into electronic health records (EHRs).
  • Providing patients with an exercise “prescription” that can be tailored for their specific disease conditions.
  • Referring patients to a trusted network of local evidence-based PA programs led by qualified professionals.

Three different domains are essential in bringing about the vision of EIM and integrating its scientifically proven benefits into healthcare systems:

  1. Healthcare Systems and their Providers
  2. Community Places, Programs, and Professionals
  3. Digital Health Technology

1. Healthcare Systems and Providers

Healthcare providers include not only primary care physicians, but also nurses, physician assistants, and care managers working together in a coordinated fashion to provide optimal primary care and disease prevention. Healthcare providers are the first point of contact in the EIM Solution and are ideally situated to regularly assess and prescribe physical activity, and refer their patients to community places, programs, and professionals.

2. Community Places, Programs, and Professionals

Community organizations and the resources that they provide offer the much-needed capacity to serve as an extension of the healthcare team to receive patients from healthcare providers and to the deliver the EIM Solution by qualified professionals.

  1. EIM Places are the qualified locations that meet safety standards for patient care and well-being, are conveniently located for patients, and meet other necessary criteria necessary for hosting physical activity (PA) intervention programs. Each EIM Place is evaluated on a regular basis to maintain its designation and ensure that all community places can be trusted by the healthcare stakeholders.
  2. To the best ability of each community, EIM Programs should be customized and matched to patients referred according to their chronic disease, risk level, physical and motivational readiness, and personal preferences. The specific evidence-based intervention programs offered within a community may include:
    • Self-directed programs,
    • Individually guided exercise training and lifestyle behavior change programs,
    • Group-based structured exercise and lifestyle modification programs.
  3. EIM Professionals engage referred clients in patient-centered care, targeted face-to-face intervention sessions and provide tailored content. EIM Professionals should be trained to work with at-risk populations, provide behavior modification guidance, and be equipped to work with healthcare providers and their teams.
    • The EIM Credential is our provides the exercise professional a “badge” signifying the highest a level of competency in the area of exercise prescription in working with patients who have for chronic diseases and other co-morbidities.  The Credential provides an added level of credibility for professionals working with healthcare in the eyes of providers to receive their patient referrals.To learn more about the EIM Credential, click here.

3. Digital Health Technology

In the digital health landscape, physical activity-related applications, technologies, and delivery systems have the potential to greatly assist in the implementation of the EIM Solution.

Healthcare systems have a wide spectrum of cutting-edge technologies, all of which can be used to accelerate the successful integration of the EIM Solution in value-based care. These include:

  • Electronic health record (EHR) systems
  • Population health management (PHM) applications
  • Patient-centered medical home (PCMH) applications
  • Health information exchanges (HIE)

On the community side, EIM Programs and Professionals must have the technological support to align with Healthcare Stakeholders for the engagement of at-risk population groups, the delivery of interventions, and the tracking of participation and the evaluation of feedback for outcomes reporting. EIM is taking the lead in working with digital-health industry experts to establish specifications for platforms, devices, and applications to become effective extensions of value-based care.

To learn more about the EIM Solution, view the EIM Public Presentation under the Resource section on this page.

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Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

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