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Past Accomplishments 

  • Hosted „Walk for Health: Invite your Doctor” in September 2016 with 500+ participants
  • Published several articles about EIM in Polish magazines, newspapers, and television interviews
  • Offered 6 sessions of the “Surprised with Age” programme, in which 200 participants were involved. The components of the programme included close co-operation between physicians, fitness trainers and dieticians in taking care of chronic disease patients, professional assessment of the patients’ abilities to participate in the training on the basis of medical tests, and designing individual diets tailored to the patients’ needs.
  • “Eco-fitness” holiday camps that focus on training designed to suit individual needs of the participants. The components of the holiday camps are a series of workshops run by a physician who discussed medical aspects of trainings and a series of motivational workshops run by a psychologist – coach.
  • Co-operation with “The Flower of Feminity” NGO which deals with the prevention of gynecological cancers. This co-operation provides professional consultation in the area of exercise training designed for women who have been diagnosed with or already cured of cancer.
  • Co-operation with the Legionowo County Local Government in offering the “Surprised with Age” programme.
  • Co-operation with the Medical University of Warsaw and the Warsaw Academy of Physical Education in preparing professional training sessions for physicians and fitness trainers on physical activity among chronic disease patients suffering from cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and joint degenerative arthritis.
  • Involving representatives from the Ministry of Health, Social Insurance companies, and other leading healthcare and governmental organizations in our initiatives.
Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:
Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

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