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Recover from my pain and suffering

Mr William Gan, 69, Retiree

Won many Limbo Rock contest by the age of 19 and a Karate competition at 28. William worked as a       shipping claims officer and products marketer before starting his own business. When his daughter is born, he gave up his career and look after her full time. He was then diagnosed with degenerative disc disease (DDD), where he felt numbness in his left leg due to a fall. He consulted various doctors and advised that surgery was his option which he is reluctant to accept considering the risk and his 1 year old daughter. William sought to look for second option and came to CSMC for consultation where he heed the doctor’s advises to exercise and going through physiotherapy. He now volunteered in teaching senior citizen some exercise warm up and stretches and part time coaching at primary school in basic gymnastic

What EIM means to him:

"It helps me to recover from my pain and suffering. It also make me realized the importance of exercising. I’ll like to thank the doctor and physiotherapists for their help!"


Keep chronic conditions at bay

Mr Mohanadas Kandiah, 51, dealer

As an airforce regular at 28, Mohan was smoking, drinking and leading an unhealthy lifestyle, leading to high cholesterol and high blood pressure. When he failed his treadmill test, he decided to pick up running and quit smoking. At 35, he took part in his first marathon and has completed more than 130 races to date. Since he started running, his blood pressure and cholesterol have dropped to a healthy range. His transformation from an unfit regular to a seasoned marathoner shows that there is no limit in exercise.  “When I run, my body will take care of itself. Anyone can exercise as long as they put their mind to it.”

What EIM means to him:

“Being an ambassador is a great opportunity to give back to community and impact the healthcare system. I believe this programme will educate the public on the benefits of regular exercise. With a family history of high blood pressure and heart disease, exercise will help me stay healthy for as long as possible.”


Stay healthy at old age

Mr Victor Koh, 74, retiree

Victor may be forty years past the mean age of athletes, but he is hardly living like it. The outdoorsy man has a list of sports lined up on every day of the week. On Monday, he climbs and treks at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. From Tuesday to Thursday, he hits the gym for weight-bearing exercises. Friday and Sunday are for swimming, and you can spot him cycling at East Coast Park on a Saturday. In fact, his yearly health screening results have always shown him to be in the pink of health! As a former fitness instructor, Victor loves to motivate others by giving training advice to those he meets at the gym.

What EIM means to him:

“When I was younger and working, I was fat, unfit and fell sick easily. I started taking up these sports 20 years ago after retiring. Since then I have not had flu or fever for a long time! Exercise has improved my health tremendously - my yearly health screening results have always been positive. No pill can do this for you. If you exercise regularly and correctly, and keep a healthy diet, you can chase your diseases away.

Talk (of exercise benefits) is no use. It’s time to put this into action. EIM is driven by a role model, Dr Ben Tan, who is a gold medallist in sailing and leading sports doctor. Setting a good example is not the main factor in influencing others; it’s the only factor. To influence people, one must first be a role model. I will continue to inspire others to indulge in sports and tell them that age is not a barrier. I like to see people moving.”


No physical limit in life

Ms Look Xinqi, 19, student

From swimming at the age of five to playing netball and joining the track-and-field team at Raffles Institution, Xinqi embraces all types of physical activities as they are her source of stress relief. After incurring a hip injury during a track-and-field training, Xinqi sought help from CGH Sports Physician Dr Roger Tian. She was back on track in no time. While most of her peers buried their heads into books to prepare for their A level examination last year, Xinqi headed out to exercise every day, even if it was a 30-minute jog around her neighbourhood.

What EIM means to her:

“People my age say they don’t have time to exercise, especially during the exam period. But just like studying, you can make time for it. I take an hour each day t run as it helps me relieves stress and be more focused. I like the mental challenge in running. It tells me that there is no physical limit in life.”


Paramount to my physical and mental well being

Mr Julian Hee, 34, Singaporean actor and model

Sports is something I enjoyed tremendously and absolutely love. I find it paramount to my physical and mental well being. And of course it also keeps my blood sugar controlled and stay healthy. That enables me to pursue and accomplish my goals in life. Diabetes would seem to many as a curse but the optimist In me find it a blessing.

What EIM means to him:

It made me realise the fragility of life and seize every passing moment. Time is something that we can never get back and should never be taken for granted. As the saying goes people in their deathbed often regret what they have not done rather than what they have done. So go pick up a sport u always wanted to do!

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