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Exercise is Medicine®: A Standard in the Clinical Setting

Exercise Is Medicine Singapore (EIMS)

Exercise is Medicine Singapore is designed

  • To establish physical activity as a Vital Sign, with health care providers routinely discussing it with each of their patients.
  • For the Physician to either prescribe appropriate physical activity to each patient or to refer the patient to a certified healthcare provider and fitness professional for exercise prescription or exercise supervision.
  • To put in place a framework for allied health and fitness professionals to work with physicians in implementing the exercise plan.
  • For the public to begin to ask for and expect physicians to discuss physical activity during each office visit.

Call to Action

Exercise is Medicine Singapore is encouraging healthcare providers to make a physical activity or exercise assessment a part of their interaction with every patient on each visit, when appropriate.

Resources and tools, such as educational materials and an action guide, will be provided to guide healthcare, allied and fitness professionals on how to prescribe physical activity in the ‘right dosage’ to prevent, treat and manage more than 20 common chronic health conditions for patients.

Click to access  EIMS resources and tool kits

EIMS have already rolled out workshops for healthcare and fitness professionals to train them on the principles and recommended protocols. EIMS aims to train at least 50% of the 10,000 primary care physicians and fitness professionals in Singapore in five years.

Click to access workshop for primary care doctors

Click to access workshop for Allied Health & Exercise Professionals

Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

Contact Singapore EIM Representative | 2 Simei St 3, , Singapore 529889 | | [email protected]
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