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Partnering to Make Physical Activity a Standard in our Society!

SunMoon Food Company Limited

SunMoon works collaboratively with a global network of suppliers to develop innovative, natural, sustainable and nutritious food products for increasingly health-conscious consumers. With its strong brand equity, SunMoon is well-positioned to meet increasing global demand for premium grade agricultural produce and fuel growth in existing and new markets.

SunMoon is an international player in the fresh fruit industry, with extensive sales and market network spanning five continents.

SunMoon has implemented improved global procurement strategies, and manages a carefully controlled certified supplier program. Fruits from certified plantations are selected according to the ‘SunMoon Quality Assurance’ standard, a critical checklist of freshness, quality, safety and traceability as demanded by our discerning customers; a reputation also backed up by internationally recognised accreditations.

SunMoon continues to emphasise aggressive sales channel development by deepening its existing broad customer base. Its customers comprise importers, wholesalers, supermarket chains, as well as the individual consumer from around the world. SunMoon also manages a network of retail franchise outlets that provide valuable, direct connection to the end consumer.

SunMoon also conducts new product development using innovative food science technology and modern packaging design to deliver fruit and fruit derivative products to generate new demand and create new markets for its premium fruit sources.

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