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On November 14, 2014, the Research Network on Physical Exercise and Health (EXERNET), an association that integrates the majority of Spanish research groups of excellence in the field of health and physical exercise, and the American College of Medicine Sports (ACSM), signed a collaboration agreement to develop the "Exercise is Medicine" initiative in Spain. Spain was to join this global health initiative, which was already established on all continents and in other European countries such as Portugal, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Dr. Adrian Hutber, doctor in exercise physiology and Vice President of EIM at the time, representing the American College of Sports Medicine and Dr. José Antonio Casajús Mallén, Sports Physician and Full Professor from the University of Zaragoza, president of EXERNET and EIM Spain, signed the agreement. The event was held at the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, with the assistance of the EXERNET board team.

The scientific advances that have occurred in recent years in relation to the importance of physical exercise in both the prevention and treatment of chronic degenerative diseases are considered by the national EIM center, which must report a beneficial result about society.

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