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The "Exercise is Medicine" Spain team

Exercise is Medicine” has the main aim of offering the prescription of  physical activity in the national healthcare system, by a multidisciplinar team of health proffesional like nurses, doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists so as the physicians, the especialists of Sport and Physical Activity Science. Furthemore, the representation of our National center advisory board, is matched up by governmental agency, national primary care physician organization, a national sport medicine organization and an academic  representative by the followiing associations:

  • Mr. José Antonio Casajús: President of EXERNET and Exercise is Medicine®
  • Mrs. Marcela González-Gross: President of University Community
  • Mr. José Luis Terreros Blanco: President of  A.E.P.S.D. (Spanish agency for health care in sports)
  • Mr. Serafín Málaga Guerrero: President of  A.E.P. (Spanish pediatrics association)
  • Mr. José Luis Llisterri Caro: President of  SEMERGEN (Spanish association of primary healthcare)
  • Mr. Francisco Miguel Tobal: President of profesional school of Sport Medicine
Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

Contact Spain EIM Representative | , Madrid, | +34 91336 4134 | [email protected]
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