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The Coordinating Center for the EIM Global Health Initiative

The EIM Global Center, located in Indianapolis, USA, serves as the coordinating center for the EIM Global Health Initiative.  The Global Center oversees the EIM Network of EIM Regional Centers and EIM National Centers.  As of May 2015, there are Regional Centers in Latin America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and Australasia, and an EIM presence in 43 countries.

The EIM-GC is governed by an EIM Governance Board that is composed of leading public health professionals, scientists, and clinicians in the area of physical activity (PA) and chronic diseases.  The EIM Team is based at the American College of Sports Medicine and  is responsible for the daily operations and development of the EIM Global Health Initiative.

To reach the Global EIM team staff, please email [email protected].

Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

Contact Spain EIM Representative | , Madrid, | +34 91336 4134 | [email protected]
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