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EIM: A Global Presence

As of September 2014, EIM has established EIM Regional Centers (EIM-RC) in Latin America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and Australia that provide oversight and resources for a network of EIM National Centers (EIM-NC) in their respective regions. An EIM-RC is hosted by an institution or organization, typically a university, professional association or healthcare institution, with which the EIM Global Center has established a collaborative agreement.

EIM-RCs are governed by an EIM regional advisory board that is led by an EIM regional director and made up of representatives from each EIM-NC advisory board located in that territory. The EIM-RC typically has a regional center manager, who is responsible for the daily operations of the EIM-RC.

Key functions of the EIM-RC include:

  • Establishing ongoing relationships with important regional level healthcare and physical activity-related organizations.
  • Training the leaders of the EIM-NCs in the region to provide specialized EIM training courses for healthcare providers and health fitness professionals in their respective countries.
  • Strategically and opportunistically assisting with the expansion of the EIM Global Health Initiative into other countries within the region.

To see the global reach of EIM, check out the Global Directory!

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