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Technogym introduces SKILLMILL™ for athletic performance training

No one takes physical training more seriously than an athlete. And no one understands how to build serious athleticperformance training equipment like Technogym. As a corporate partner of Exercise is Medicine (EIM) and the five-time Official Exercise Equipment Supplier to the Olympic Games, Technogym has proven its place as a leader in athletic performance training equipment. Now, the fitness industry leader is again revolutionizing the athletic performance trainin

g landscape with the introduction of its latest product, the SKILLMILL.

A self-powered machine with virtually endless exercise applications, the SKILLMILL trains the body to carry out complex movements that require neuromuscular coordination in a safe and controlled manner. Its unique curved deck allows exercisers to go from a resistance-free walk to an all out sled push with a simple adjustment of the MULTIDRIVE resistance lever. Multiple handrail positions provide safety and versatility in various training positions, while the addition of belt resistance maximizes oxygen consumption and increases metabolic cost when compared to walking or running on a traditional treadmill.

University studies* revealed that the SKILLMILL is more effective at activating the posterior chain muscles, in particular the glutes and hamstrings, than traditional treadmills; and shows similar levels of activation to squats, deadlifts and sumo deadlifts. An optional accessory kit further expands training opportunities by offering attachments such as handles and belts.

For training professionals, SKILLMILL offers the opportunity to improve their clients’ power, speed, stamina and agility on a single machine. As a result, this offers a clear advantage within the athletic and sports conditioning industry through the ability to access exceptionally advanced technology for workout feedback and tracking. Simply, the SKILLMILL wirelessly syncs workout feedback to Technogym’s cloud-based mywellness platform. Athletes can then access this information via the mywellness app while training professionals can track improvement of an individual or a group.

For fitness facility operators, the SKILLMILL is an ideal solution for group training or circuit training applications. The intuitive self-powered design reacts to the user’s body movements by slowing or speeding up on-the-fly, eliminating the need to adjust with buttons and change settings mid-workout. The result is a seamless HIIT training experience that is perfectly suited to an athletic performance training environment or program.

The SKILLMILL maximizes training space by functioning as a cardio, strength, group training and circuit training tool within the same footprint as a traditional treadmill. Technogym’s virtual trainer programs also allow facilities to maximize usage during all hours, because users can receive virtual coaching even when a trainer or instructor is unavailable. With its new SKILLMILL exercise machine, fitness technology leader, Technogym, has invented a new category of fitness equipment that provides everyone from elite athletes to weekend warriors with the freedom to train seriously on a single machine.

Learn more about SKILLMILL here.

*Sports & Rehab Engineering Lab. University of Padova, Italy

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